The Bag that Fits ALL

Settled down after all this travelling! I mean my heart is settled perhaps. Time to work my broke ass off and save some money, before the cycle repeats! Honestly, I can't wait for the next trip already.

With that being said, I always bring a backpack to travel, rather than carrying an carry on bag. A backpack that allows you to organise everything you need, and retrieve items easily when you need them. I couldn't even be bothered to count how many compartment this bags has, including sleeves and slots, but I reckoned, probably a ten?

That's crazy right? That would mean that, regardless the orientation I am holding the bag, there will be a compartment. How convenient! I will totally bring that on my next trip.

_MG_6402 copy.jpg

RAWROW from South Korea, specialises in making minimal leather goods which are functional for daily use.

It is currently available on ZALORA Singapore, any the bags come in my favourite neutral colours - grey, white and black.

Lined with leather, they are protected from water and stubborn stains.

This is the perfect bag to carry to school or when I am going for shoots! I am able to get my cables, chargers, gadgets organised.


Get this on ZALORA!

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Thanks to RAWROW for collaborating with me on this.