Rejuran Healer in Seoul, South Korea


Hey guys! I just got back from Korea last month and unlike previous trips where I did laser and PRP, this time I tried the Rejuran™ Healer Treatment at ME Clinic, an all-round aesthetic clinic which I always frequent.

Due to multiple sessions of laser, my skin was somehow damaged and the Rejuran™ Healer actually helps to rebuild the skin, to make it more supple and strengthen the cells. This post if probably more informative than all those “All you need to know about Rejuran Healer” posts you find on the internet, because I compiled them since there were no posts that could answer all my curious questions.


What is REJURAN?

Derived from Salmon DNA, the main active ingredient in Rejuran™ is PN(Polynucleotide)s, which are small molecules that are the building blocks of DNA and RNA in cells. PN acts inside the skin to reduce inflammation which is the result of skin damage due to environmental and ageing processes. It also can increase the micro-circulation in the skin and stimulate collagen and other factors contributing to skin elasticity.

Take Rejuran™ as a magical bottle for youth and beauty because it solves many problems. Whatever concerns you have with your skin most likely it is able to help with it. Rejuran™ can also be combined with multiple procedures for scar like lasers and subcision to reap the best effect.


Rejuran™ at ME Clinic is ₩470,000 for 2 cc. If you don’t already know, ME Clinic offers tax free services for foreigners so all prices are already in nett. Also, they do promotion some times so do reach out to them and check before you visit!

KEY Benefits of Rejuran Healer:

1. Improves skin elasticity

2. Promotes collagen synthesis in the skin

3. Tightens and lifts skin

4. Balances oil and moisture of skin

5. Reduce pores and 🌟 scars 🌟

6. Improves fine lines

7. Improves skin texture

8. Recovers protective layer of the skin by increasing thickness and density of inner skin

After doing powerful lasers like Legato or Fraxel, the moisture of my skin was affected because laser is really dry for the skin. I did notice that my skin gets dryer after the laser procedures. Also, the Rejuran™ will help collagen production, which helps the scarred skin to heal and recover into normal smooth skin, slowly but surely, if given a sufficient amount of treatments.


I wouldn’t lie about it. Yes it was painful even with numbing cream, but don’t worry you won’t pass out. It is bearable! It just stings, like a ear piercing you know? I am sure you can handle the pain if you want to look great.


I am sure it is confusing whether Rejuran™ is a dermal filler or not. I would not regard it as one, because fillers just do a temporary job, but thank goodness, Rejuran™ is permanent. Effects can be seen from 1 to 4 weeks depending on an individual! I think I could see the effects from the 2nd week. You know it when you skin becomes smoother and more glowy looking.

Watch my video to SEE HOW IT WENT!