Project M 2019 | HerWorld / NuYou / Bugis Junction x Bugis+

My first model competition Project M 2019, organised by HerWorld & NUYOU magazines, with the support from Bugis Junction x Bugis+ has been a blast and I going to share my experience in this post.

Image: HerWorld Magazine

Image: HerWorld Magazine

I couldn’t remember when was the last time when I took part in a competition, but for modelling competition, this is a first. I always wanted a real experience walking on the runway, though I had the opportunity to walk for Outsider Fashion Week last year. However, this is the real deal, because fashion father of Singapore, Daniel Boey, is running the fashion show, and I will not mess it up. That’s what I told myself of course. I took the time out of school to take part in the training, shoots and rehearsals, and it was definitely worth it. I did not regret a single bit. Coming in as 1st Runner Up was definitely no easy tasks as the competition this year is really strong, and I believe it will be even stronger next year.

Thankfully for the kind schedules, everything just fell into place very smoothly, no grades were at stake. Below were the 3 looks I walked in for the final runway show in April, styled by Daniel Boey’s team.

Official Hair Sponsor: Jeric Hair Salon | Makeup: Etude House Singapore


I was glad that through this competition I met a lot of like-minded individuals with the same goals, hoping to be in the fashion industry. They were surely good competition and comrades. Lastly, I would like to give a big thank you to TE photography for capturing the photos. On the right, was the the look for the preliminary rounds. Full on camouflaged. I hope while I am still completing my degree, I will be able to find more opportunities like this and to make full use of my free time to try out different challenges which might not be possible if I were to be working due to TIME. Time is always the problem isn’t it. If you are still studying, please make full use of your time to do whatever you want and love, not squander if off by lazying at home. You will regret it in the future.

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