Happy #PrideMonth - Pride Fashion Items for GUYS & GIRLS

I didn’t know that #PrideMonth was a thing, but now I do and lately too many RAINBOW items have been popping up and I am going to share below some of the best picks I have. I guess it could be because Taiwan, being the first Asian country to legalise same-sex marriage, many communities and brands have been coming up to promote and support this cause. Let’s get colourful this #PrideMonth no matter you are gay, straight, transgender or whatever, who cares? Of course, I hope that everyone can be happy and that other parts of Asia can take Taiwan as an example, take a step towards a more liberal society. Shall we take a look at some PRIDE FASHION?


Pride Smoking Sleepers

USD $85.00

Every gentlemen needs a pair of espadrilles. I love the resort vibe and of course living in a tropical climate country, espadrilles goes well with shorts. Everyone here love wearing a pair of shorts, to the school and even to dinner because of the heat and humidity. Soludos releases new designs from time to time and you will definitely find a pair that you like. However, do note that if it sells out, it is likely never going to be restocked.




USD $138.00

Korean-american model, Ireneisgood, started her own label last year and it has been a great success with adorable and colourful prints seen all over her collection. This choker can add a pop to a normal plain black outfit. Her collections has been selling out pretty quickly, you never know if you hesitate, it will be gone before you know it.



PopSockets Grip Rainbow Thunder (Gloss Surface)


Although this item is currently sold out, which I don’t know why it is because Beyonce’s face is not on it . I really want to share this item because IT SAVES LIVES. You know everyone has that moment where your hands just loses it and your phone drops on your face while you are using your phone lying down? A PopSocket saves you from DANGEROUS situations like that. I mean in general, it just provides you with a much better grip. People with huge phones like the iPhone XS Max and Galaxy S10+/5G (over 6 inches) will thank me for that. You no longer need to strain your fingers, especially your thumb while using the phone. They are currently having a 1 for 1 promotion, where you get a random PopSocket for free, with every PopSocket purchased! Shop for their entire PRIDE COLLECTION here. Shipping is not free, so holla your friends and make a bulk purchase!



San Francisco

USD $19.90

Looking for a affordable earpiece, or do you feel that the AirPods look too stupid to wear on? Urbanista’s San Francisco is good one for that budget earpiece that you always misplace. Well, for me it always ends up in the washing machine. Not forgetting that they offer FREE SHIPPING as well! What a good deal! In Singapore, you can find it a QCD Technology @ Wheelock Place.


Cotton Stretch 5 Pack Pride Pack

USD $59.90

Sorry ladies, this one is not for you. I mean if you wear men underwear, which I know people who do, then we can be best friends.

I think 50% of the male population wear Calvin Klein underwear or have at least 1 pair of them in their drawer because according to a research, 38% of males buy branded underwear to show off the waist bands. Are you one of them?

In the Calvin Klein Pride Pack collection, you get 5 different colours (bet you are bored of your standard black, white and grey ones by know) to show it off with your jeans. I really want to get this one... hmm…


Glitter Rainbow Sweater

USD $74.99

This sweater makes me hungry, I don’t know why. Perhaps because they look like Jelly Beans?

Lazy Oaf, from England is known for it’s cute prints and expressive use of colours, which are perfect for print-lovers. Despite being a female piece, this sweater comes in a wide range of sizes, even up to XXL. I could possibly fit in the L or XL ones too. Couple wear anyone?


Rhyton Rainbow Gucci Leather Trainer

SGD 1,616.00

On the steeper side, we have these Rhyton Rainbow Sneakers from Gucci. Dad shoes is a staple for last and this year (yes the trend is still on). Unless you are coming out with Mom sneakers, this silhouette is here to stay. Personally, I am liking the warm white ones because, white sneakers are perfect for every kind of outfit really. And also because a branded pair of sneakers is a good investment for this century.


Nike Air Max 720 BETRUE


“Nikes on my feet make me feel complete”. This pair just dropped on 1 June, and you would want to add this to your sneaker rotation if you like colors but not on your outfits. You can definitely have them on your shoes without looking over-the-top. The BETRUE collection has few different items, including T-shirts and the sliders (S$89) is the next on my wish list after this pair of Air Max.


Xtreme Wear Pride Nail Color Collection

USD $16.99

I haven’t forgotten about you ladies. Showing off PRIDE on your nails? Sally Hansen helps you to do so. They just collaborated with GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) to release this pack of nail color which comes in 6 bright colors: Redical Rockstar, Sunkissed, Mellow Yellow, Jazzy Jade, Pacific Blue and Rockstar Pink. It also comes in a nice set packaging which makes it perfect as a gift. This is a really meaningful course that Sally Hansen is supportive of. Bravo.




We’ve seen Nike’s take on rainbow shoes with the Air Max, a super popular and vintage silhoutte, now it is time for Adidas. The OZWEEGO silhoutte launched back in the 90s and it was made popular in the recent years due to the collaboration with famous designer, Raf Simons. I would say the OZWEEGO is the godfather of dad shoes. It has been around way before Balenciaga came out with their Triple S. The rainbow-coloured foam will give you the height boost you need and overall, this pair of sneakers looks quite sporty and could be worn for exercise.

Thanks for reading & happy shopping!