Phuket Trip with OZO

Back in Thailand again! Seems like I started going Thailand pretty often after a hiatus for almost 10 years. My previous trip to Krabi was one of the most relaxing trip I had while staying at Amari Vogue in Krabi.

I ended my 12-week long internship for my university requirement and I finally got to make some time for a short respite before school starts, and I thought Phuket would be perfect since it is near from Singapore (only a 1.5h flight). I stayed at the newly opened OZO Phuket, located at the Southern part of Phuket and it is an amazing place for a retreat, unless you love the wild night life at Patong, then you might consider staying at the Amari Phuket instead.

The hotel offers transfer services but if you are going for a more economical function, you can get a mini bus service from the airport for 200 baht per pax. The mini bus fits about 10 people; though it is not the most comfortable ride but if you don’t mind balling 1000 baht for a taxi then be my guest.

Upon entering the hotel lobby, I already felt the modernity of the entire space. The warm lights and the wooden interior fills the interior of OZO Phuket.

Talking about a relaxing vacation, OZO Phuket uses high-quality DreamMaster beds that are so comfortable. I never liked sleeping in a hotel, but OZO Phuket changed my mind. There is also a daybed beside the tall transparent glass windows that allow natural light to penetrate the room (obsessed about natural light).

Love the chilling area for guests to enjoy the aircon as you know, Phuket weather can get really hot sometimes. There are computers for you to get productive and a pool table. I guess you won’t need them anyway since there is a lot to see in Phuket.

The hotel has 252 rooms and is strategically located beside the Kata Beach. You could literally walk 100m to go to the beach, just by accessing the hotel back gate. I only checked out one beach on this trip and it was unbelievably beautiful because it resembles the scenic French Rivera. Sadly, the sun was already setting when I got there so I couldn’t get the golden hour shots.

If the sea is not for you but you still want your aquatic therapy and fun at the same time, the hotel offers not just one but TWO swimming pools for you to not only dip in, but also play because they have a slide in the pool as well. You can already tell how family-friendly the place is. Oh yes, there are also family rooms here.

Most of the time my trip was spent in the hotel, unexpectedly. There are many sun beds and bean bags available at the poolside that kind of got me into the lazying at the pool! That is me in one of the pool and the other one comes with a yellow wild-looking slide. I didn’t tried it though, so I wouldn’t recommend a guy of a size like me to try it. (do it at your own risk!)


I got up pretty much 7am every morning and I enjoyed the breakfast before going out on my tours. They serve continental breakfast and local Thai flavours. The fried rice was so tasty I could still remember how it tastes.

During one of the days, I went to check out the Phi Phi Island tour package, which took an entire day but it was a lot to see. On another day, I checked out the Phuket Old Town and got some massage to ease my muscle aches (a must for every Thailand trip).

Fun fact: OZO Phuket was built on a canal, translating the traditional Thai-style canal front living to the current times. A canal in the middle of the hotel is something new, I am quite curious to see what happens during the monsoon season though.

I ate almost every night as the Kata Night Market because it just has such a wide variety of food at an affordable price. You could feed yourself with a feast with just S$10 (around 3 dishes). The best part is, it is only 200m away from the hotel.

I hope to visit the rest of Thailand, perhaps the Northern parts soon!

Thanks for reading! Mel.