March 2017 in Seoul - Visual Diary

This is a much overdue post but really, I was trying the squeeze out time to work on this! This post will show some of the places I went, which many friends had asked for my itinerary. Maybe after reading, you might want to visit a place or two from below! Seoul is no foreign place to me, I would stay around 2 weeks to a month for every trip to South Korea. Inevitably, I was getting bored of the usual tourist spots! Hoping to venture to more secluded parts of South Korea to have a real taste of Korea!

This is not a guide, so don't expect detailed directions! I also did not include every single place I went, because some are typical tourist spots which I would not want to waste time mentioning them. These photos might will give you an idea of what that particular attraction encompasses of, if you then eventually decide to add it on to your itinerary.


Bukchon is an amazing place. I always make it a point to pay a visit whenever I travel to  Korea. It's unique alleys surrounded by traditional Korean houses gives it a homely and cultural facade to an urban city. This is also a common place to photoshoot if you are intending to wear the Korean Traditional Costume - Handbok. You can find more about my Hanbok talk here.


The air pollution has reigned all over Seoul. Sadly, this is just what the skyline looks like.

I wore a completely casually outfit - sneakers, ripped jeans, knit sweater; only to expect this mountain wasn't that easy as it would be. Word of advice, come in trekking shoes and wind breaker, or else you might end up dead. Like me.


Chinatown in Korea! This is a common weekend hangout for many locals, especially on weekends! Families with kids come to visit as there are countless of adorable mural walls for them to pose for photos, fun shops and games to explore. It a perfect dating location for couples here, catch them geared with their selfie sticks or smartphone tripods which works as good as a real tripod, but only at $3. Mad.

Thank you for reading! Hope you found a place or two for your next trip to South Korea!