Acne Scar Remedy — Legato Laser with ME Clinic Korea

Laser For Your Acne Scars

People always think that I have a perfect and good skin, even if you see me in real life. I have to say that my skin is not flawless, and it is filled with scars. For those of you who are facing the same acne or scar issues, I hope to share with you the most effective and new Korean laser for acne scars that can help you. In the past summer, I went to South Korea and visited ME Clinic again because I heard that they had a new laser,  Legato laser.

Lasers Legato system combines electromagnetic RF energy with an ultrasound sonotrode called IMPACT in a novel treatment called iTED. Trans-epidermal delivery of active ingredients with IMPACT.

ME Clinic is conveniently located in the central district of Seoul.  Just take to Gangnam-gu office, and take the exit 6-1. Turn left after you come up the escalator and walk all the way. ME Clinic should be on your left just before you see Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

The best thing about doing acne scar treatments in South Korea rather than in Singapore is because it comes with PRP.

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) which uses the patient's own platelet to promote healing of cells. That also meant that I drew my blood before the laser procedure, so that my platelet rich plasma can be collected and injected underneath my epidermis to stimulate the recover of the tissues and promote collagen production.

My skin belongs to the sensitive skin type which is why I get red marks easily after any slightest abrasion (Left.) I was pretty nervous because Legato is a new laser to me, and I was told that it was more painful that the previous laser I tried, which is Fraxel, was already excruciating enough to get my tears flowing out. Read more to find out how I felt about it!


I have serious acne scars on the cheekbone area as well as the temple area and these are my main concerns. The temple area especially bothers me because the scars are very deep and also really hard to remove, despite going through multiple treatments.


This procedure is definitely painful so it started with a anesthesia in multiple areas of the face before using the laser. My surgeon which is also the assistant-president of the clinic, said that Legato is the most powerful laser. To my discovery, by my sense of touch (although not with my hands), I realised that the laser is actually a micro-needle laser, so it is applied like a facial roller as it transmit the heat and waves to the skin layers, breaking the tissues. 

IMG_0512 copy.jpg

That obviously isn't a very glamorous shot of me, because you know, BLOOD WAS LOST.

However, to my surprise, the Legato laser did not hurt as much as it did for Fraxel laser. I can attest for it after going through Fraxel and Legato two times each. It really did not hurt as much, which I was thankful for. That 5 to 7 minutes of rolling on my face was really a breeze, no swear. Else I would be frowning like a crow in the pictures. Depending on the severity of the scar, the doctor might got a few times around the area to  actually target specific areas more, and of course it comes with a longer down time. (Which I will talk about later).

After the rolling of the laser, which was done really quickly, the doctor then injected the platelet rich plasma to multiple areas of the face just like how the anaesthesia was applied. Oh yeah it does stings a little… The remaining platelet poor plasma was spread and applied on the face like a gel to help the redness to subside at a greater pace by helping the blood to clot faster.

IMG_0596 copy.jpg

A cooling ice pack is then applied to help to calm the palpitations of the arteries on the face, if not blood will keep flowing out.

Immediately after the treatment, I am good to go. Of course, I wore a mask out because my face was super red after the procedure. Well at that time, I could be mistaken as being sunburnt, but either way it is not a pleasant experience to draw stares on the street. But I guess in Korea it is now a norm to go for facial treatments and also wear a mask around. (or have procedures done on your face and walking around as usual)

Scabs starts to form on the skin's surface after 3 days and will slowly come off as I washed my face. I was told to not scrub or rub against it as it might cause scarring if the scab is not fully detached from the skin. (Be patient with it, young one). After one week, my skin tone was almost back to normal with just a bit of redness at certain areas.

IMG_0596 copy.jpg

Before & After Comparison


That's it guys! That is the before and after comparison of the photo prior to and after Legato laser treatment with PRP. The recovery might take a month at least, and by recovery I do not just mean on the surface where redness will be visible and prominent, but also the reproduction and healing of the damaged tissues beneath. This time round, as I was on a trip, I did 2 sessions one month apart. Two weeks after the first session I went back for a post-treatment care which is like normal facial sessions, where they applied a soothing mask to calm my skin.



Legato laser - 605,000 KRW 

PRP - 182,000 KRW 

(prices are tax free for foreigners)

You can view other cosmetic services and procedures on ME Clinic's website at . Feel free to ask me questions, I would love to provide any advice possible.