Krabi, Thailand with Amari Vogue

I'm so happy to be back in Thailand just after a month! If you have read my previous post, you would know that Thailand is not a place I frequent often but I have been in love with the people and place. Last month, Bangkok was burning hot but it seemed to have cooled down when I reached Krabi. The heat levels feels the same as it is in Singapore, which is awesome. Even the frequency of rain too.

I only spent a couple of days in Krabi for this trip, and the agenda was to have a beach-hopping instead of the cafe-hopping people usually do in Bangkok. There were so many islands around the region and all within an hour boat ride away.

During my trip, I stayed at Amari Vogue Krabi, a resort that is situated ride beside the shores with its own magnificent beach, the Tub Kaek Beach. It is like a resort hidden in the lush green forests, a secret hideout on a quiet island, I can just walk down to the beach anytime of the day to enjoy the sea breeze and the little tiny sea creatures, especially does mini adorable crabs.

The most unique feature of the hotel is the levelled pool, you can have your own personal space with your company. Amari Vogue offers Thai and Italian cuisine at the Lotus Restaurant and Bellini Restaurant respectively. Most of all, complimentary breakfast is available at the Lotus Restauraunt every morning.


To get the most out of your stay at Amari Vogue, the pool and Breeze spa is a must! They have so many mini pools around the whole resort you can just dip in and enjoy the view of the shore. One of the best feature of Amari Vogue has to be the beach. Many travellers want to explore other parts of Krabi, especially the tiny islands with pristine waters so clear you can see the bottom. If you want more activities in the resort, you may also request for private cooking classes and learn to cook some authentic Thai food.


MY STAY: amari vogue

Krabi, Thailand


During my period of travels, it is the low season, so if you are intending to travel during this period, do expect discounts of hotels in Krabi. What's more? There are not many guests in the hotel, at times, it almost feels like your own private resort. The kind you see in Korean dramas. My room had a really nice bath tub that also serves as a jacuzzi. We also had a shower room which doubles up as a sauna. The space I had to myself in the room is just HUGE. My room is located at the second storey of The Breeze Spa, and the suite comes with a massage room that connects to the toilet. Isn't it perfect to have a massage in the room when you don't have to even get out? (Laze all day).


Dinner was served at the Bellini Restaurant which serves fine and exquisite Italian cuisine. There is also live music from 7-10pm on certain days. I went to the beach for the sunset view and sat at the perfect spot in the restaurant to wait for the sun to fade into darkness and had a fantastic night accompanied by acoustic music. Sun goes down around 7pm in local time, but it also depends on the season. Head to the beach around 6pm and wait for it! I think I have mentioned this countless number of times, but yeah, Amari Vogue is built beside the beach and you don't even have to walk out of the hotel to reach the beach (wow it rhymes). So convenient!


On the second day, I booked a day trip to Hong Island, but the tour stops at a few different islands and we were given time to snorkel or swim in the clear waters. It was my first time snorkeling in open waters, and also my second time snorkeling. The first time I did it was in a theme park in Singapore, how lame. It was a super fun experience because the waters are so clear that I was able to see the corals at 4 meters of depth. Most of the island tour packages includes lunch, so I got to save on a meal too!

Here's a trip for you when you are planning your trip to Krabi: Book one day in advance at the Tubkaak Beach, they have kayaking options as well. The prices when you book online are 30-40% higher than the actual prices. During low season, you can also bargain with the service provider for a discount. 

Another final tip which is also a very important one. Research for private drivers that are able to transport you around from the airport and places to might want to go, such as Ao Nang and Krabi Town. The hotel does provide transport services but it is available at a higher cost.

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This post is made in collaboration with @amarivogue.