Samsung S10 x iKON: Unleash Next Gen Bold

The moment everyone has been waiting for is finally here. The launch of the new series of Galaxy S10 from Samsung.

On 21st February, the Samsung Galaxy S10 series was revealed alongside with the performance by charming Korean boy band, IKON.


The new Galaxy S10 and S10+ comes in different memory capacity options. 128GB is offered for all models and for S10+ you get to choose from the 3 memory sizes - 128GB, 512GB and 1TB, with expandable memory by adding on your own MicroSD card. With the Galaxy S10 128GB starting at S$1,298, the 2 models has began taking preorders online and telecommunication operators. I got the opportunity to try out the phones hands-on and I would just like to say that, the ceramic colours are significantly heavier than the prism colours, so do take note if weight matters to you. The Galaxy S10e is available from 8 March, starting from S$1,078.



Personally, I watched the release online on the morning of 21st February and I was so excited over the Samsung Galaxy Fold and Samsung S10 5G as well. The Samsung Galaxy Fold was just a groundbreaking innovation. How on earth did they even figure out how to make the screen foldable? It’s just incredible. It is expected to be priced around the same as its selling price in the US, perhaps around S$2,700 - S$3,000 according to my ‘guesstimation’, but don’t quote me for it. As for the S10 5G model scheduled to launch somewhere in 2020. The news just excites the inner geek in me so much. The power of 5G will allow users to download an entire full season of drama within minutes, perform real-time 4G video calls in clarity. Excited? So am I.

Over the next few months I will be sharing the jaw-dropping features that the Samsung S10+ possesses, so remember to follow me on Instagram @melvinoyx if you haven’t!

The “Unleash Next Gen Bold” event was held at Resort World Sentosa and the crowd was filled with iKONICS (name for iKON fans). iKON performed 3 songs - Love Scenario, Killing Me and Blink Blink (watch it on my IGTV) and shared with the audience their favourite features from the new Galaxy S10 phones.

The members from iKON mentioned that the best feature was the “123 degrees Ultra Wide Angle camera” feature, especially since they have 7 members, and it is hard to fit all 7 of them in the frame at times. Yes, the camera captures 123 degrees when the human eye’s field of view is only able to capture 120. Crazy. Not only does the rear camera has a wide angle camera, the front selfie camera has one too! Thanks for that, there will be no more excuses for me to be the one holding the camera, giving the excuse, “your hand is the longest”.

Images by @deejun.j

As for my favourite, so far I’m still new to this phone. It has only been with me for 2 days so far, well I haven’t full ported over from my iPhone XS but I really love the wide camera feature too. Not only that, it’s live focus mode comes with different blur effects, like the colour point, spin and zoom. As I go along and try on more of the features, I will let you guys know my new favourite, it could be Wireless PowerShare… I do not know for sure but I will let you guys know!

Following the launch, exciting things are coming up! Samsung is having their exclusive experience centres at the following locations during these hours:

ION Orchard, B4, Atrium | 22 Feb - 3 Mar 2019, 10am - 10pm

NEX Mall @ Serangoon, L1 Atrium | 13 - 17 Mar 2019, 1030am - 1030pm

VivoCity, Central Court | 20 - 24 Mar 2019, 10am - 10pm

Tampines Mall, L1 Atrium | 29 Mar - 9 Apr, 11am - 10pm

Experience all the cool new features yourself and let Samsung bring you to their new galaxy with the S10 series, with games, and most importantly, instagram-worthy sets and background.

If you have read till the end, I have a great news for you! There is a pre-order bundle that includes complimentary Wireless Charger Duo Pad & Galaxy Buds ($386) when you pre-order your Galaxy S10 or S10+. Head on to to get yours now!

Thanks for reading, Mel.