One-day Itinerary in Cannes, Nice

Bonjour! I thought of doing this one-day guide because I expected to have no time to tour around Cannes as I have a whole list of things to do while I was there.

On hindsight, a one-day trip is about just right because the city is really small (well, at least the tourist attractions are).


I have seen it for myself. Literally no one takes the buses except for the elderly and a lot of them even walk. People here are so fit, I see so many people running every morning along the beach, something I will never see in Singapore. My advice to you is, JUST WALK. The average time you need to reach your destination is around 15 minutes.

The price of a single bus journey ticket is 1.50. A 10-trip pass costs 12. 1/3/7 days and monthly passes are available as well.
To buy the multiple journey/season pass, you have to drop by the bus office at the Cannes bus station, adjacent to the Hotel de Ville.

I took a Taxi from the airport and on my way back as well, but you should compare the Uber prices with the Taxis, not one is always cheaper than the other. When I was leaving for the airport, Uber was on 3x surge. It estimated €150 for a 30-minute ride to the airport. It’s CRAZY. Thankfully the driver on the first day gave me the Nice taxis’ namecard and I downloaded the application on it and guess what, it was only €88.

Google Play: Taxi Côte d'Azur

Apple Store: Taxi Côte d'Azur


1 Long Beach

They call it the long beach but this is THE BEACH. The beach that stretches across the coastline at the Cote D’ Azur. When I was there for the Cannes Lions 2019, it was completely taken over by huge companies like Google and Twitter to throw their beach parties. If you missed that exciting part, check out my post on the Cannes Lions 2019 event. I don’t know if it is just Cannes, but it seems like the perfect place to get golden tan, which I accidentally did, despite all the sunblock. There were barely any clouds in the skies, and I am not complaining because I love the warmth. You can chill on the beach the entire day and be in your habitat because it just part of the local lifestyle.


I never miss out a cafe opportunity whenever I travel, you should know that by now. The Armani Caffe apparently is a must-go spot and I don’t even know why but since the netizens suggested, I gave it a try. (Actually, I just happen to have a meeting there, what are the odds?)

Al fresco dining happens to be my favourite thing and in Europe they are everywhere, so dining out in the air makes me very happy. I got a croissant and a refreshing juice and I must say that their prices cannot be more reasonable, considering that “Armani” is a luxury brand itself. Some of the items are even cheaper compared to other restaurants in the area. Before I arrived, I was expecting the item prices to be exorbitant.

They brunch menu ends at 12pm and you can enjoy the lunch menu which is something they boast about.

3 Rue d Antibes

This main shopping street of Cannes will make you bleed. You will find a lot of the brands here, like Massimo Dutti, Sandro, Zara, Etam, Vilebrequin and many others. This also also the area where you are likely to dine at, alternatively, check out the inner street further away from the coast. If you are a shopper, you are going to have a hard time resisting. On another occasion, I went shopping by myself and indeed it was hard to resist.

For Asians like me wonder what to buy in Cannes, here are some menswear brands that I would recommend you to check out, because they are cheaper there or they can’t be found in Asia: Stone Island, Massimo Dutti, Zara, Vilebrequin, Sandro, Mango. Sadly the prices in Lacoste is relatively the same despite being from France.

For Beauty: Avène, La Roche-Posay, Caudalie, Bio THERME, Vichy, Eucerin. These brands are cheaper in Europe and they can be easily found in the local pharmacy store, “Pharmacie”.


4 Le Suquet

‘The Old Town’, which used to be a roman camp still looks magnificent, thanks to the locals who maintained it so well. It is the quieter part of the city where the beautiful city view awaits at the top. After a steep walk up the path filled with restaurants, you will eventually reach the next item on my list, which is the Norte Dame. I really enjoyed the surroundings, filled with colourful and bright walls and it is really quiet towards the evening. In summer, the sunsets about 9pm, so if you are planning to catch the sunset then you would know what to do.

4 Musée de la Castre & NORTE DAME

Church of Our Lady of Esperance is historic stone church built in the 16C and 17C in Provencal Gothic style, so if you are a Catholic, you should definitely check it out. Otherwise, the exterior of the church is totally worth the walk up as well. As this is on the western side of Cannes, I could peep over to where I was staying. The light matters if you are coming here, if you want to have a nice view like I did with the sun shining onto the west, you have to go around 5pm or later. The sun is going to shine in your face if you are there in the morning and give you that glow. #tip


The Musée de la Castre houses various historic items throughout the years of civilisation and it cost €6 for entry. It was a pity I didn’t go because my friends were not interested, but I am sure there are things to see, or just have a glimpse at the facade, the beige-coloured brick walls is an artefact from past itself.

On your way down, snap a shot with the iconic sign of Cannes. You will only get this nice lighting in the day time, or you can come really late at night and watch it light up. Beware of incoming buses that might kill you.

5 Île Saint-Honorat (Saint Honorat Island)

Have time to spare for the day? Check out this small but magical island across the coast. It brings you luck, quote me because CRISTIANO RONALDO was having a yacht party while we were on our ferry to the island, too bad we didn’t realise it at that time. Back to the topic, ferry runs daily from Cannes. The port is on the west side of the island, search “Planaria” on Google Maps.

For Saint Honorat Island, the ferry starts at 8am, with every interval of an hour. The return ferry leaves at every 30-minute mark and the last ferry departs at 5:30pm. It only takes about 20 minutes to the island so if you are pressed for time like I did, this island is perfect. Instead of going to Île Sainte-Marguerite, which might take up an entire day.

I suggest that you go after lunch with filled tummies because there are only 2 restaurants on the island and it can be costly since everything has to be shipped over by ferry. Else, pack some snacks as though you are going for a picnic there, it is a good place to have a picnic!


Climb up to the top of the fortified monastery and enjoy the view of the island. Find out what it is like to be an archer in the mobile game, Clash of Clans (used to be my favourite though, played it for 3+ years). The stairways in the monastery is pitch dark, but I am sure you have your mobile phone’s torchlight to help you with that.

Don’t forget to hashtag #JaimeLerins of your photos on the island, €1 will be donated for every photo posted with the hashtag, which goes to the renovation support of the monastery.

Going to the island was one of the best decision I have made on the trip. It is really peaceful, inhabited and not touristy. Most of the people are french and just there to swim, picnic, take a leisure stroll. There are still monks staying there which makes the island feels like its old age. The island is filled with flora and fauna and they also have vineyards plantations on the fields, cheers to amazing french wine. Enjoy the tranquility this island provides. Pray in the silence.

Thanks for reading,