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It has been a while since I've updated about my life here. I shall begin with talking about the new hair switch! Really wanted to try a lighter hair colour because I don't actually feel like there is a specific shade that suits me better (Although some might say black suits me best). As I was looking for a new hair colour to change into, I went to see WANNAONE members' hair colour for inspiration, as you know these K-pop idols always have the trendiest items from head to toe, even their hair.



This one was the ideal hair colour I wanted.

Before you read on, I think if you one ash colour you really have to pay the price. Both metaphorically and literally. It's not going to be easy to achieve this colour and let's not even talk about keeping it that way... It does require effort.

In brief, these were the steps that were taken:

  1. Bleaching from black to yellowish - 30 minutes

  2. Washing the colour away with purple shampoo that removes the yellow pigments on hair

  3. Bleaching from yellow to blonde - 30 minutes

  4. Washing the colour away with purple shampoo that removes the yellow pigments on my hair

  5. Applying ash dye 40 minutes

  6. DONE!

I couldn't resist the temptation to leave my hair unwashed, thus shortly after a day, I shampooed... and I messed up. Oops.

Warning! : Refrain from washing your hair so quickly after this process, else it is not going to last.

My hair became blonde real quick, so after my Hong Kong trip, I went back to do a touch-up on the colour!

IMG_7446 2.jpg

IMG_7446 2.jpg



I would say this platinum blonde colour turned out pretty great too, though it was unexpected. Back in the days, I really wanted to try this colour. Somehow I was glad that it faded into this, at least for my Hong Kong trip.

This time they also dyed my hair and it turned out to be really black, but I believed this time it is going to be right because the colour will drop really quickly after washing with shampoo. The lesson learnt: if you want an ash colour hair, just make sure you step out of the salon with really dark hair. It should be fine.

I'm so pleased with this final outcome — ash brown colour! It turned out exactly the same as the picture shown to the senior hair stylist.



Let me share some tips before you decided to go ahead to change your hair colour!

  • Book in advance because the stylists are usually busy or might not be in if you are looking for a particular stylist.

  • Do not wash your hair for at least 2 days.

  • Use a colour shampoo and conditioner as the hair is going to be very damaged

  • Wifi is available in all of Apgujeong Hair Studio's outlets, so prepare to watch your dramas while waiting

  • Prices depend on the colour, hair length and condition, so do consult before dying

Find out where to get your hair done below!

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