Korean Permed Hair @ Apgujeong Hair Studio

Hey guys I'm official Korean now. I just had a hair makeover not long ago at Apgujeong Hair Studio. My hair was done by Luis, a senior hairstylist at Apgujeong Hair Studio, Clementi. I kind of went straight to the point and showed him Nam Joohyuk's hair and I said I want it to be permed that way. I knew I couldn't describe my desired hairstyle through mere words so I just went for the show and no tell method.


The hairstylists here at Apgujeong Hair Studio are native Koreans so not to worry if your hair is allergic to non-Koreans.

It's the first time in my life I ever did a perm. I must admit, I got so influenced by the Goblin drama, like every other of you drama nuts did. One friend told me that coming to university is all about experimenting and like doing the #yolo stuff because you'll only have 4 years before the society harshness strucks you. So yeah, I couldn't disagree and I take every opportunity I can now to try everything different.

Just a word of advice, if you are still contemplating of dyeing some crazy hair in University, I'D TELL YOU TO DO IT BECAUSE ITS YOUR LAST CHANCE. (Well, unless you are so confident that your future workplace's codes of conduct allows mermaid heads, wait till then...)

Anyway the perming took around 2 hours including the time to neutralise the perms. You know it's all cool when they play your favourite Korean music in the salon despite the long waits you have to endure with your butt fixated to the chair.

As for the outcome, for a few days straight my looked really curly. It made me look   like that baby from Return of the Superman. I was told to not wash my hair for a day or two, but I can only live without washing one night tops. After a week, the curls really subsided for quite a bit, it looked more naturally wavy now, which is what I had in mind! Interested to try perming too? I did a Cold Perm worth $155 - it a fixed price for all Men hair length. Sadly for the ladies, you gotta pay for your strands.

20170810 - [roberryarts]-SMU.SISS.GLOW.Pageant.Photoshoot.Aug.2017-12.M1.MelvinOng.[Robert's.Cam] - Pic 0002.jpg

Also, STUDENTS get 20% off all hair services before 4pm on weekdays. All you have to do is to show your glamorous face on your student card.

I did my hair at The Clementi Mall's outlet, I am sure if you study at NUS, Singapore Polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic or Singapore University of Social Sciences it will be the shortest way around to get your hair fix.




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