Seoul Fashion Week 2017

sfw In March this year, I got the opportunity to attend Seoul Fashion Week (SFW) 2017 while I was on a leisure trip! Seoul fashion is so diverse, you have people dressing in suits, grunge, street and kitsch look. Not only the genre is diverse, even the demographic is! In recent times, parents started to dress their kids to pose at fashion week! Their adorable charms definitely drew more attention then G-dragon.

On the last day, which is also the day I left for home, I was able to attend the CHARM'S 2017 F/W 'Puberty' show thanks to miscellani network!

Got back and I just wanted to do a compilation of my looks for the three days I went, so hope you guys had a good visual appeal!

I would love to attend more Seoul Fashion Week in near future. Some of my local favourite brands are KYE, 87MM, Beyond Closet, Push Button and of course CHARMS.

Thanks for reading!