West of Jeju

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Now, if yo have read my post on East of Jeju previously, you're definitely bound to spend one full day. If you still have time in Jeju, why not go for another tour? #cheapthrills

Do the math, going own a bus tour is more economically viable unless you have 4 people together on your trip, where you can divide the cost of the car rental. While taking cab is an option, you're going to spend a lot if you intend to go on cab hopping from attraction to attraction within a day.

I am about to share with you what I did on the West side of Jeju Island, South Korea!

1. Hyupjae & Gumneung Beach


Unlike in Seoul, you get to see immerse in the natural beauty of the sea in Jeju as it is entirely surrounded by water. Most of the visitors attractions are also situated near the sea.

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img_3191 copy.jpg

If you are visiting this beach, I must let you know, G-Dragon's cafe can be found just around the corner. More information about G-Dragon's Cafe Monsant can be found on the Jeju Tourism blog here.

The wind here is mighty, at least it was for me in the period of March. It's that strong that you can't even hear your friend's voice, so make them shout. Heads up to you, if you do not want your hair to look like hay after that, you might want to bring a comb or use more hair spray. Otherwise, you know what what to expect to look appear in photos. Unfortunately, due to the time constraints for the tour schedule, I do not have the time to visit the cafe. However, if you are driving around Jeju, definitely go for it!

2. Halim Park

halim park.jpg

halim park.jpg

Got me so tired and exhausted from walking the mountains and hills by now, took a break and had a gentle-paced stroll in the gardens. Oh, they have ostrich here, I wish ostrich are rideable and we can tour the whole garden without walking. Sounds like a good idea yeah? Haha!

The gardens is huge and comprises of many natural features. Regardless whether you have interest in animals or botany, you get to enjoy best of both worlds. Personally, I felt closer to Jeju Island more than Seoul. There is just endless number of interesting things to do here, particularly if you are a nature lover.

Photos might be deceiving, but this park is one of the most popular places in Jeju, because it holds such a wide variety of attractions! Think Bonsai Park, Ssangyonggul Caves (world's only 2D cave), Water Garden, Cactus Garden and even holds animals like Ostrich and Peacock!

The bird observing area was fascinating! The species of birds they hold are so attractive, the colour resembles that of a rainbow! You can also feed the birds by obtaining food from the 'gachapon' machine.

3. Suweolbong

Oops its a Korean word again, which means it must be another mountain right? Okay, you are right. BUT, A LITTLE MORE SPECIAL THAN THAT. The Suweolbong is famous for its tuff rings, which is particularly unique even to geologists. (Want to know what tuff rings are? Ask your geography teacher and you'll be his favourite student) The conclusion is, its complex stuff. I spent so much time just enjoy the view of the sea, the rest of the people on the tour just went on ahead.

That's the tuff rings, on the right, formed after massive volcanic eruption. It was a much relaxing walk, despite the path being uphill. You get to enjoy the sea breeze, and the view of the deep blue seas and black volcanic rocks. The experience felt as though I was enjoying the perimeter of it. Guaranteed a different "mountain experience". I walked from the area in the foreground all the way here, it was nothing but pleasant.

4. O'Sulloc Green Tea Field & Museum

This has to be my favourite item out of all of the others. I have never been to a green tea fields, other fields yes, but not green tea! And I have to say, I am a great fan of Green Tea! All I think about in South Korea is just "OSULLOC, OSULLOC, OSULLOC". I had been dreaming of going to this place since my previous trip to South Korea. Happy to finally made it there.

In the museum you get to see their history, but the best part, they have their own cafe. Here at the museum, they sell green tea and a wide variety of other tea products. My recommendation? The green tea ice cream. One mouthful and you taste the richness of green tea powder in it. I had the ice cream, bought a couple of green tea truffle chocolates and green tea powder.


If you haven't already know, O'Sulloc sells not just green tea, but many other variety of tea as well. They are owned by one of the biggest company in Korea, Amore Pacific, the same company all you guys bought your cosmetic from, you probably already have them at home. Famous brands under Amore Pacific includes Innisfree, IOPE, HERA, Mamonde, Laneige, Etude House, Sulwhasoo. (You must be thinking, "compare here, compare there, in the end they still earn all your money right?" Yes, they are SUPER RICH).

5. Sanbangsan Mountain (산방산)

The literally translation of the name of the mountain would be "Mountain Room Mountain", what it actually meant to convey is that there is a cave in this mountain.

This mountain is quite a walk. Nothing for the faint-hearted! I am always adventurous. Mountains? No problem. My trip down Achasan Mountain in Seoul with my Adidas sneakers was way worst than anything.

The cave is situated about 150m, and right there it holds a Buddha where many come to pray. Turn around occasionally while on your way up and you will get to see the spectacular view surrounding the mountain foot. Dedicated followers climb all the way up to pray, I am impressed because this is definitely not an easy mountain as it seems.

6. Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls

I had the option to choose to go to the Teddy Museum, or Cheonjeyeon Waterfalls. I went to the Teddy Bear Museum around 5 years ago, and it is really boring looking at dressed up bears, unless you are travelling with kids, I do not recommend it. Go adventurous!

On the path towards Cheonjeyeon waterfalls you will cross a bridge - Seonimgyo Bridge, which is also a tourist attraction. There are seven nymphs carved adjacent to both sides of the bridge which symbolises the descent of seven beautiful nymphs from heaven at night. This bridge cost 400 million won to construct, which is around half a million USD? HOLY... That is some holy bridge right there.

You can't really get very close to the waterfall, as the bridge ends around 80m away from the waterfall, unlike some other waterfalls (Jeongbang Waterfall - only a 10 mins cab ride away). Being able to witness a relatively high water feature has been refreshing to see for this trip, apart from mountains and sea. It is also a good opportunity to capture your Instagram Boomberang snaps!

I have to say, my camera's battery died on me halfway throughout the day, so I relied on my camera for the pictures, I think a few of them turned out decent nonetheless.

Thank you guys for reading my post. If you are interested in the locations for your trip to Jeju Island, you can reserve the Jeju West Tour with YEHA Tour. I paid around 72,000won for it due to affiliated hotel discount. They do pick up right at the doorstep of your hotel is the hotel you are staying is on their list! Do check beforehand!

Top: Grey Cashmere Sweater from GRANA.com