Soho in Singapore

img_9298 Hey, I am still in Singapore not to worry. Can you believe it? This place is a gem! It makes you feel like you're in the states when you are actually still grounded at home.

Here's me in a set of oversized long, big and baggy outfit. The top and bottom was supposed to match. I think women in pregnancy totally can wear this as well. It was coincidence that my long sleeved oversized top seemed to blend in to the wall seamlessly.

I did not love these pair of shoes so much, actually they weren't the comfiest. Furthermore, styling these sneakers could be quite tricky. Tip!: Your socks must either be high and seen, or just let in go invisible. It just does not match well if its a ankle or middle length sock.

I am feeling excited for March! Most of the time in March, I will be travelling, so I am also prepared to get really exhausted from the daily walks and exploration, but well it is always worth it in the end, when I look back! Ready to take many breathtaking photos!

If you are still wondering where this magical geographical twisting place is at, check out

Chelsea Lodge, Tanjong Katong Road.