50 Shades of Grey


Back on the grind again, new outfit post after a long hiatus. Ending my army woes in 2 weeks time, okay but I've been obsessed with slacks lately, and the joggers + sneakers combination is breaking the net. I believe the quintessential of a stylish figure is to dress up cool but look yet effortless. In addition, the haze is killing everyone with the humidity and heat, so I can't afford to put on any more layers anyway.

Time to dress up minimal and head out...

Consider me lucky to find matching walls just nearby. Honestly, I can't resist that I am falling in love with the colour grey. It just seems so appealing.

Favourite pair of sweatpants, joggers, whatever you call it. But, TIP: Do not show your socks unless you want to look like a circus performer. You can find this pair of Nike Tech Fleece on MrPorter.com. I will be back with more GREY HUES next time, so stay tuned.


Stay Stylish, Melvin