Turning Twenty One #Melkhun21st


Turned twenty one years old on 28th July. Growing up, I had this tendency of forgetting my birthday. I would always confused 28th of July with 27th of July, so sometimes I tell people that my birthday is on 27th July. I decided to host a birthday celebration as for the past 20 years I do not have the habit of celebrating my birthday. My parents wouldn't spontaneously suggest one for me either (considering our relationship). It was tough looking for a location that is cheap and could host the amount of guest you have in mind. I estimated to have around 50+. I dislike chalet because its dirty and small, like all the sofa don't know how many years never wash or how many drunkards passed out on it before. I came across Bunc @ Radius, located in Little India (Jalan Besar Area) through a friend as he bought the voucher for the place on Groupon. I heard the amazing price - $154 for 8h use, and I'm delighted to hear that! Can save money on the venue yay! IMG_4257 IMG_4258 Took the picture when I went down to take a look at the area, RECEE. The venue is separated into 2 sections, the Movie Deck, which is entitled for your personal use from purchasing the groupon, and the Kitchenette area which is non-exclusive, for common usage. (Aka bangalah worker can anyhow lepak here also). They only had 2 fans on each side which is quite a misery to imagine. Only if they had a big ass fan la hor, or lag better AIRCON! The movie deck has a visualiser which I intend to use to play my School Themed Korean music videos like EXO's Growl, but in the end the plan failed because their HDMI cable connector is different from mine, and my adapter could not fit into it. SO DISAPPOINTED. A party needs a Theme or something interesting right? So then I had to think of a theme... Something that I've interest and passion about... So i thought maybe a Korean theme, then my guests could dress up as Kpop Stars? But that is unlikely to happen considering the amount of male friends. Then I was watching School 2015 and I sparked the thought that the Korean fashion has been greatly influenced by school uniforms and jerseys. Brands like Ordinary People, Beyond Closet, 87MM and more have many design with uniform lines and cuttings, thus I decided on this theme! I told them to wear their secondary school uniform which only one did, and also another one wore JC uni. I'm glad they did! Such spontaneity! IMG_4232

Preparing some stands for the Table & the ideal school outfit. IMG_4173_2IMG_4217_2



I also engaged the balloon delivery which costs 80 cents per helium inflation. I already bought my light blue and dark blue balloons before hand, if not its $1 per balloon. The delivery itself its $20 without and minimum number of balloons. Pretty expensive but one of the cheaper ones I could find, recommended by Elton. If not I would have to visit the ballon store directly and inflate and then transport them by myself to venue, what a chore. I happened to found out that the floral boutique at CityVibe does helium inflation as well! Next time can consider going there! E17C9961 Guest book from Typo factory outlet @ Anchorpoint which I bought for only $5. Yes my #cheapthrills. Topped with additional Oohlala stickers as decorations. Took a solo photo with each of the guest using polaroid and told them to paste the photo in the book. The book is fun to write because there are guiding questions like "Where do you want to be right now?" , "Who's the weirdest person you met at the party?" , rather than just a blank paper for you to struggle on what to write about. There is also a rating session to rate the party's food, attractive guests etc. IMG_4245 IMG_4233 Cupcakes and Tarts were ordered from SCbakes, check out their Instagram here: https://instagram.com/sc.bakes/ √ The chocolate salted caramel tarts topped with sea salt is REALLY REALLY YUMMERZZZ, I'd double tap and my friends gave the feedback with the same consensus. Drools. I think I would get some for other friends party or something in future too, simply too irresistible. The cake was a gift from my Poly classmates, from Delci's Desserts. Cranberry Red Velvet Flavoured. I think it would be better without the Cranberry which was too damn sour... The vegan bakery offers very good chocolate, which is my favourite thing from them. The rich and thickness of the chocolate makes you want to eat some more. I catered a buffet from Select Catering but they couldn't do for me because they have renovation going on. It was transferred to Stamford Catering instead. However, the feedback I got was that the food was just pretty bad... :( Okay so don't patronise them liao ok. Thanks all the groups of friends for coming and of course my helpers for the deco and setup logistics and photos: Maywen, Cheryl, Gates, Wanrong, Benjamin Wang, Cassandra and Liting. It would not have been possible without you guys! Baik lah! E17C9962 E17C9966 E17C9974 IMG_4272 IMG_4344 IMG_4352 IMG_4354 _MG_9283 _MG_9285 _MG_9287 IMG_4346 IMG_4315 _MG_9295 E17C9952 Thanks all for coming! And those who couldn't make it definitely missed out the fun! (And the heat of course)