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Born and raised in Singapore, Melvin is a full-time undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Information Systems at Singapore Management University, also the creative behind all the content you see on melvinoyx.com. The blog started in 2014 during national service, where he started documenting memories on the blog for a keepsake. It has now grown to include posts on travel, menswear and lifestyle content (ps, I really love clothes and travelling). You can also find many tips and treatments on how to reduce acne and scar as I have been there before.

Read more about style inspirations and travel diaries here at melvinoyx.com and hope it does interest you some how!

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What camera do you shoot with?

I am a Apple person, so I shoot with an iPhone when I’m lazy. Otherwise, I use the Canon EOSM100.

What’s the worst fashion trend of all time?

Skinny Jeans. I can never fit them.

What’s your favourite place besides home? South Korea, I love it so much, I go there so often. The fashion, food culture and cafes are just amazing.